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A scan of the L angue P rofessional H ispano- A mericaine

Presentation of CCLAM and ALPHA TEST

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce [CCLAM], founded in 1929, carries out - with its institutional and diplomatic action - training and advice actions with Vocational Training Centers, Universities and Companies, to help them develop transversal, intercultural and linguistic skills, converging between French-speaking countries and the South American continent, where linguistic unity often conceals great cultural and socio-economic diversity.

The objective of CCLAM is therefore to enable French-speaking societies and all its partners to face both technical problems derived from international commercial action and the conflicts inherent in intercultural relations that may arise during prospecting, in the negotiation phase and in the contractual consolidation of new markets.

One of the CCLAM instruments is the ALPHA test, because it allows us to make a reliable diagnosis of the linguistic skills necessary to master in a multicultural business context, both in Spain and in Hispano-American countries. It also allows us to carry out an analysis of behaviors conditioned by the multicultural framework of the workplace, analysis based on the ALPHA-PARIS matrix, which takes into account the degree of evolution and development of intercultural skills.

It is therefore around this test that we have built the pillars of an effective orientation that respects the objectives of the company and the values ​​of the company in which it operates. This has enabled us to design training courses that adapt the technical and legal-economic needs, expressed by the market, to the psycho-social aspirations of satisfaction, security and recognition of the actors. This adaptation is fundamental to guarantee the country image and to establish responsible corporate practices that take into account the protection of the environment and the sustainable character of development. The main contributions of the test are summarized in the following paragraphs:

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • The ALPHA test (Analysis of the Spanish-American Professional Language), is a system for measuring and evaluating the Spanish language used in Hispano-America and Spain, in the context of political, social and business relations.

  • The person who uses the ALPHA test to assess their language skills, necessary to evolve in the business world, will be issued a joint official Certification from the Latin American Chamber of Commerce and the partners or Universities with which CCLAM shares research. educational.

  • This professional Spanish assessment test is, linguistically, like the TOEIC for professional English, but more comprehensive, because “it not only measures language skills, it also assesses the behavioral tendencies of people who have to take decisions outside their usual legal, linguistic and cultural space ”.

  • In addition, the test results are easy to read and interpret, because the criteria for reading and presenting the results are the same for all languages, due to the fact that today all professionals use the "Common European Framework". of Reference for Languages ​​”(CEFR) of the Council of Europe. In this regard, the Council of Europe is preparing to start research work to improve the CEFR, introducing into the analysis

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